CengageBrain - Free eBook Access

FREE eBook access while we're shipping your book*

Our free eBook access program allows you to get two week's free access to the eBook if you buy or rent a print text. This enables you to get immediate access to the book content while we're shipping your print text through the mail.

How Do I Participate?
You will automatically get free eBook access as part of your print purchase or rental. However, if you do not want free eBook access, you can opt out by hitting the "Remove" link when you see the free eBook listed in your shopping cart.

How Do I Access the FREE eBook?
After completing your purchase, you'll be taken to your "My Home" dashboard where you'll see the eBook listed. You'll have access to the eBook for two weeks only.

Terms & Conditions
*This program only applies when a title has an eBook. If an eBook is not currently available for a title, free eBook access while the print or rental ships is also not available.

If the title you are interested in has an eBook available but isn't showing the free 14 day eBook access offer, please contact Customer Support to find out if it is included in the program.

Please note that if you take advantage of this offer, you can't return your text or rental if you've printed more than 30% of the eBook.
If you have any additional questions about this program, please contact Customer Support.